i don't know about anyone else but my mother sews almost all of my scrubs. she's working on a holiday batch for me as i type. (she loves me, i'm spoiled, yada, yada )

it started with a pattern that i bought from wal-mart and a piece of material that i liked. my mother has sewn all her life but she didn't like that pattern. so i picked out my fav old shirt and pants and gave them to her to tear apart for a pattern.

I hear so much talk about how horrible the nursing scrubs are (and I belive it cause I've seen them...lol) but would it be possible to make your own? They seem simple enough to sew to me

I bought an easy pattern at JoAnn Fabrics and some fabric. So far I've made one and I'm working on the second one. They look good for my first try. It takes me about 2 days (2-3 hours each day) to see a top.

I sew all mine. Grab a cheap pattern at Wal-Mart or someplace similar. The fabric I use is just 100% cotton broadcloth -- just bought scrub top at WalMart for $1.87 a yard. Give it a try...you'd only be out the cost of a couple yards of fabric and a cheap pattern.

No, i am not saying that women are there to be my domestic slaves. If shes into sewing and wanted to make them for me great! Or she could teach me how to use the * thing and id do it myself. (although they would probably look rediculous and have one sleeve 3 inches longer than the other- something like that.) Besides, it would be a cold day in hell before i bought a sewing machine.

Sewing your own is the way to go. All the big 5 pattern companies sell scrub patterns. For fabric watch JoAnns and WalMart. Walmart has a jungle type print right now that is cute. I wait till the novelty prints do on special, Xmas Halloween or whatever and stock up. Three yds= pants or jacket, 2 yds=top, 1yd=skirt.

i need to meet a woman that has a sewing machine... Its impossible to find any decent man-scrubs unless you steal them from the hospital or order them from an overpriced catalog... And before you flame me for my initial comment please allow me to clarify- for the record:

That said, i am all for making your own scrubs- or being lucky enough to have a wonderful woman make them for you. Its way cheaper, better material, you can make them exactly how you want them, (finally something that fits!) and they are individualized.. Not the cheezy sprawl-mart scrubs everyone has...

changed April 2, 2009